Home and Building Automation
Sinthesi S.r.l. is a young and dynamic leading company in the Home and Building Automation.
Its primary aim is to suggest solutions in the forefront of techological field to the market, offering a BUS system for plants automation, which is at the peak of the world market.
With this spirit Sinthesi has developed "PICnet", one of the most known and used BUS system in any plant sector: hotels, offices, etc.
PICnet centralise under one systemany kind of services: lighting, technological installation, thermoregulation, access control, alarm systems, call systems, etc.
Nowadays PICnet is the bus system for Domotic and Building Automation with the most advanced features in the market.
Its powerful programming added to a very easy user interface, a high baud rate, a complete line of modules and a variety of functions availables, makes the product a leader for features and adaptable to every private and industrial sector.
The Bus PICnet system is completely configurable and does not bind the final user in the choice of the command and use tools.
The high configurability is guaranteed by the BUS system with distribuited I/O.
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