Sinthesi PICnet is the most advanced and flexible home automation system for professional medium and high level home automation applications.

Thanks to PICnet it is possible to implement the most complex home automation functionalities and manage all the functions of your Smart Home from anywhere and with any device, for greater comfort, safety and at the same time lower energy consumption.
Application examples


PICnet allows the complete control of any light source inside your domotic house. The PICnet product range includes modules dedicated to traditional, dimmable and RGB lighting control.

Dimming can be managed via DALI protocol, 0-10V analog modulation or phase cut, while for the management of RGB lighting there are both DMX interface modules and modules for the direct control of RGB LED strips.

In this way it is possible to manage every single light point, internal or external, according to your needs and preferences.

The system also allows the possibility of creating scenarios, with automatic and synchronized activations according to user-definable logics, and to customize the atmosphere of your home at any time via local or remote control.


Whatever the temperature control system adopted, the PICnet system allows you to identify the most suitable solution for optimal management.

The system manages any source of heating and air conditioning in an extremely simple way and also remotely, via PC, tablet or smartphone. In the case of radiators, floor systems or fan-coils, the PICnet modules have relay outputs on board to control the zone valve or the convector speeds and are available for the main civil series.

In the case of radiant cooling systems, the use of the temperature and humidity probe prevents the formation of condensation on the floor.
In the case of direct expansion (split) air conditioning systems, the PICnet system communicates directly with the external unit, typically via the MODBUS protocol, to allow integration. For those systems that do not have a control external communication unit suitable for centralized management, the system will instead be managed through communication with the internal units, through PICnet modules that have an infrared transmitter with high emission power.

Thanks to a patented technology, the PICnet modules are in fact able to fully reproduce the commands available from the remote control, not just replicating predefined set points, thus guaranteeing full remote control of the unit, through centralized supervision.

Throughout its history Sinthesi has developed PICnet integrations with the most popular brands and models of air conditioning systems, such as Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Mitsubishi, GREE, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba and many others.


Thanks to PICnet it is possible to improve the energy class the building, obtaining substantial energy savings and at the same time increase the value of the property itself. In fact, it is extremely simple to adjust the temperature of the rooms according to automatic optimal profiles or according to user-defined settings.

For example, in the absence of occupants, the system switches off the light and automatically reduces the temperature and then restores it when they return or stops heating when the rooms are aired. The savings obtainable thanks to the use of Sinthesi PICnet inside your home can reach 26% as regards consumption for heating and cooling and 15% as regards electricity consumption (UNI EN15232 standard).


The PICnet system allows to optimize the consumption of your electrical system (single-phase or three-phase) and avoid the intervention of the meter for excessive energy consumption, taking into account any instantaneous production of the photovoltaic system present. In fact, the system detects the instantaneous power absorbed by the system and any instantaneous production deriving from the photovoltaic system.

For example, in the case of excessive simultaneous use of different users within the home, the PICnet system activates and deactivates the appliances managed according to the priorities set by the user, avoiding excessive consumption and the related outages. With PICnet, energy consumption is always under control.


The logic and the functioning of PICnet is completely customizable and freely configurable, this allows to define scenarios of any type, inserting logics, timings, set points, time slots and parameters according to the specific requests of each customer. It is possible to pre-set “comfort” scenarios that can be recalled at any time via dedicated commands, supervision or voice commands.

Another possibility is to define event scenarios, according to customized logics such as, “when the anti-intrusion system is activated, curtains and shutters are closed, the lighting is switched off or reduced and, depending on the season, the sets temperature and humidity points are brought to user-defined levels by automatically controlling the temperature control of all the rooms in the house'.


Through PICnet system you can have timely notification on any device of all the technological alarms active in your home and, through integration with the anti-intrusion systems, it is possible to share its resources and implement common scenarios.

This allows to have the status of all the technological systems of your home under control through a single supervision interface.
It will not be necessary to have numerous separate apps or systems to have complete management.

Throughout its history Sinthesi has developed native PICnet integrations with the most popular anti-intrusion and security brands or through communication with the control unit through standard protocols. Sinthesi, producer of PICnet systems, is open and available to develop integration drivers with other brands and models at the request of the customer.


PICnet systems allow the integration of home automation with audio-video systems, thanks to dedicated communication drivers and standard communication languages ​​such as the MODBUS protocol.

It is in fact possible to integrate PICnet home automation with the multimedia systems of the major manufacturers such as CONTROL4 and CRESTRON, thus providing the possibility for installers and system integrators to deliver integrated and professional solutions to their customers.


The supervision and control of the system can be carried out locally and remotely. In local mode it is possible to manage the system through 4' recessed touch screen panels or via 10' and 15' recessed touch screen screens that operate in the local LAN. The supervisory graphic pages are created in free graphic mode, allowing the customer to have the maximum degree of customization.

In the case of remote control and supervision of the system, it is possible to operate through any browser and any device in the case of web based supervision, or through the open source OpenHAB app for Apple and Android smartphones.

PICnet systems also allow the use of SCADA or third-party supervision software, via the MODBUS communication protocol.

The various supervision modes can be implemented jointly to control the system from any place, any device and at any time, with simultaneous access by multiple users. Thanks to the PICnet PV APP, all PICnet systems can also be controlled via the Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit smart speaker interfaces.

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