Hotel automation

The PICnet system allows the integrated management of hotels of any type, from large luxury hotels and resorts to small remote hotels. PICnet represents the most complete and flexible solution for the control of the entire structure.
Application Examples

Room access control

The PN BADGE D outdoor badge reader allows to completely manage the access control to the room. All attempts to access each room are identified and stored by the system, only the enabled codes have access to the room. It is possible to create different groups of codes that will have access to different room functions (e.g. customers, cleaning team, passepartout).
The badge reader outside the door has frontal LEDs for the signaling of 'guest presence', 'bathroom alarm', 'do not disturb', 'code reading'. In the GLASS HOTEL version, the badge reader outside the door is also available in the 'LARGE' version, with the room number shown on the panel itself.

Guest presence detection

The PN BIN badge pocket inside the room is an intelligent badge holder pocket, reads the customer's code therefore detects the presence of the guest, activating the power of the room, enabling the control panel of the room and all the automation features provided.
Through the use of PICnet motion sensors it is possible to enable the VIRTUAL KEY CARD function, which allows to enable the guest presence in the absence of the possibility of exploiting badge cards by detecting the movement of the guest inside the room, according to logic freely definable by the Customer.


The PN DIGITERM or PN SPLIT room control panel allows the complete management of the room thermoregulation. The PICnet system can manage any source of heating and air conditioning.

In the case of radiators, floor systems or fan-coils, the PICnet room control unit has relay outputs for controlling the zone valve or the speeds of the convector. In the case of radiant cooling systems, the use of the temperature and humidity probe prevents the formation of condensation on the floor.

In the case of direct expansion (split) air conditioning systems, the PICnet system communicates directly with the external unit, typically via the MODBUS protocol, to allow integration. For those systems that do not have a control terminal board or signals suitable for centralized management on the outdoor unit, the system will instead be managed through communication with the indoor units, through an infrared transmitter with high emission power.

Thanks to a patented technology, the PICnet control unit is in fact able to fully reproduce the commands available from the remote control, not just replicating predefined set points, thus guaranteeing full remote control of the unit, through centralized supervision.

This allows to integrate in a complete supervision also hotel systems in which there are different models and brands of air conditioning systems.

Throughout its history Sinthesi has developed PICnet integrations with the most popular brands and models of air conditioning systems, such as Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, GREE, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba and many others. The control can also be carried out through special PN TOUCH installed in the room or via tablet for room automation control.

Lighting, audio and scenarios control

The PN GLASS or PN PAN control pushbuttons on the bedside and in other points of the room allow to completely control the lighting of the room, with the creation of relax scenarios and RGB chromotherapy, and complete automation scenarios for the command of curtains and shutters.
The PICnet PN BLT device allows the customer to connect their smartphone to the room audio system and freely play their favorite music at any time. The control can also be carried out through special PN TOUCH installed in the room or via tablet for room automation control.

Management software

The Hotel Manager Web based hotel management software allows the complete management of the structure from an unlimited number of stations, even remotely.

Through the software it is possible to carry out all guest check-in and check-out operations, manage the complete supervision and automation of the rooms and establish temperature set points for each season and for each room.

The software also controls access in all common areas of the structure, such as SPA, swimming pool and gym. During the check-in phase it is therefore possible to enable for each user all the gates to which it has access.

The software also integrates the reporting of alarms, the sending of notifications and the complete supervision and control of the structure, common areas and technology centers. It is possible to integrate the software with fire and intrusion detection systems and with management and booking software.

Download the software manual and try the dedicated demo in the DOWNLOAD area.

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