The PICnet systems applied in the Healthcare sector make it possible to create systems for the management and supervision of patients calls and medical and paramedical staff to the control rooms, to other rooms or departments, and to control rooms outside the hospital. PICnet allows to guarantee high services, safety and organizational standards in order to satisfy any type of request.

PICnet systems comply with the most stringent national and international standards, such as DIN VDE 0834.

The functionalities of the Picnet system

Nursing and doctor call

PICnet allows to implement complete and customizable nursing and doctor call systems.

Patient presence detection

PICnet allows to detect the presence of the patient in bed and send alarms in dangerous situations.

Compatible with third party equipment

With PICnet it is possible to use third-party equipment, even id already present on the plant.

Spare parts availability

Sinthesi has guaranteed the availability of spare parts for life on all product codes since 1994.

Use of existing system wiring

The PICnet system can use existing cabling to retrofit existing systems.

Access control system

PICnet allows integrated management of all accesses to the department for maximum safety of users and patients.

Air quality management

PICnet allows to monitor the air quality inside the structure and to activate alarms and sanitizers.

Remote supervision

All alarms and parameters can be managed remotely and forwarded to personal devices.

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