PICnet products are used for any professional automation application in the industrial sector.
Application examples

Lighting control

PICnet allows the complete management of any light source, traditional, dimmable or RGB, so as to manage every single light point, internal or external, according to any need.

Thanks to the PICnet system, it is possible to automatically adjust the portion of artificial light as a function of natural light level in order to guarantee the optimal lighting value in the spaces and on the work surface in all circumstances. Depending on the distance from the windows, each sensor reads a different brightness value.

At this point, the system will calculate the difference needed to reach the set brightness and therefore increase or decrease the intensity of the artificial light component.

In the same way, it is possible to automatically open and close skylights, to receive sunlight only when it does not disturb the sight of the workplaces in compliance with the current legislation. Intelligent plugs for busbar ducts can be provided for the lighting of the departments in order to combine the ease of installation of the electrified ducts with the flexibility given by the possibility of freely configuring the individual ignitions.

The system also allows the possibility of creating scenarios, with automatic and synchronized control according to user-definable logics.

Access control

Thanks to the PICnet system, it is possible to manage access to the various departments in complete safety using transponder badge readers, which ensure a very high level of reliability in terms of security, with the recording of every transit both for the service personnel and the employees.

Each code corresponds to a different user, who has free access to the departments of his competence only on the established days and times. The technology used places this product at the forefront of its sector since the identification card for access is made up of a normal credit card format card without magnetic stripe or electrical contacts.
In this way, the typical malfunctions of traditional technologies due to damage to the magnetic strip or oxidation of the contacts are totally eliminated.

Each badge reader can store up to 1300 different card codes in a range of 65000 different codes. The different card codes can be divided into 8 distinct groups, enabling the activation or deactivation of all the cards belonging to the same group according to certain parameters, such as an hourly consent.

Thermoregulation control

The PICnet system allows to identify the most suitable solution for optimal management whatever the temperature control system adopted. Within production contexts, PICnet products represent the ideal solution for the management of the thermoregulation of the departments by means of hot air generators or radiant strips.

Thanks to dedicated solutions and modules it is possible to manage the independent thermoregulation of several zones with different temperature set points.
The system allows to read the room temperature by means of room probes particularly suitable for industrial environments and to control the heating device via the outputs available on the basis of a set point set by the user directly from the master module or by means of a supervision PC.

A series of digital inputs are available for connecting alarm contacts (e.g. burner block) or control buttons, for example for timed heating extension beyond the set time.

Energy optimization

Through the use of energy measurement modules combined with output modules, the PICnet system avoids blackouts due to excessive energy consumption or to exceed the contractual power limits.

In fact, the system detects the absorbed power (and the production, in the presence of photovoltaic panels on the roof) instantaneously and activates / deactivates the less priority loads.
For example, air compressors or refrigeration units can be deactivated according to pre-established priorities, avoiding disservices or tariff penalties. Alternatively, the system can activate an optical-acoustic alarm as soon as the load threshold is exceeded, leaving the user the choice of the measures to be taken to bring consumption back within acceptable values.

Technological central

Through the use of appropriate PICnet modules, it is possible to centrally manage all the technological users of the system (thermal power station, pumping stations, air conditioning units, etc.).

Similarly, all the related technological alarms, such as tripping of switches, thermal relay tripping, technological alarms, alarm call for disabled bathrooms and opening of security doors can be signaled at the point of supervision.

All signals can be sent via alarm messages on the supervision PC or on the Master module display. In the event of technological alarms, SMS messages and notifications can be sent automatically to the electrical or hydraulic maintenance technician of the system.

Automation control

In the case of logistics warehouses with frequent loading and unloading operations, the control of the doors by means of access control modules is extremely useful.

Normally these doors are operated manually, with consequent considerable heat expenditure for prolonged openings during the entire loading operation, or by means of proximity sensors which can give untimely commands even during normal warehouse operation.

Thanks to PICnet access control modules, however, the forklift driver can move freely in the warehouse during normal goods sorting operations.

In case of loading / unloading operations, the operator will keep the badge with him in order to command the opening of the passage only when he approaches it.

By means of output or mixed modules, the commands for opening and closing the windows can be managed either by local buttons or by centralized manual (for example by means of PICnet industrial push-button panels) or automatic controls, thanks to appropriate time programmers. Associated with a weather control module, automatic daytime opening and nighttime closing or in case of rain and wind are also possible.

Alarms reporting

Through PICnet systems it is possible to have remote signaling of any type of alarm or failure. All reports can be made locally, by means of alarm messages on the local supervision PC or on the display of the Master module, and remotely, by means of alarm messages on the centralized supervision PC or via messages and notifications remotely on any device.

It is also possible to interface the PICnet building automation systems with the security systems for sharing peripheral sensors, such as the sharing of window opening or presence sensors, and the implementation of operating synergies, such as, “if a smoke sensor detects a fire principle, it sends an alarm notification to the system, the lights are turned on at maximum intensity and the doors are unlocked”.

Supervision and control

The supervision and control of the system can be carried out both locally and remotely by the operators in charge. In the first case, a supervision point dedicated to the management of the site or the production department will be set up through a dedicated dashboard.
In the second case, the supervision will be carried out through a web supervision platform that allows the supervision and control of even several plants distributed throughout the territory by multiple locations and by multiple authorized operators.

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