B&B and apartments

The PICnet system allows the remote management of bed and breakfasts, apartments and rooms distributed over areas of any size, providing customers with an extremely fluid and simple experience and bringing significant benefits to property managers and owners.

Access control

PICnet allows the management and control of access through numeric keypads, available in both internal and external versions.

Customers will be able to access their room or apartment via a numerical code received from the manager during the booking process. The system can manage hybrid solutions, in which access control via numeric keypads is integrated with the use of badge cards or smart devices.

Accomodation management

The system allows complete remote management of the thermoregulation of rooms or apartments. Thanks to the integration of the access control system with presence sensors, it is possible to detect the presence of guests and to set the 'occupied room' 'free room' and 'vacant room' set point.

In advanced applications it is possible to implement a complete home automation system inside the apartment. The PICnet system allows property managers and owners to obtain huge energy savings and significant benefits also in terms of ease of management.

Virtual reception

Sinthesi PICnet offers dedicated supervision software which represents a complete virtual reception. During the booking phase, the manager of the B&B or of the distributed apartments can set the room activation code and the validity period, automatically sending the information via email to the customer.

The manager can manage the entire structure remotely, by setting temperature set points and remotely controlling on, off and openings. Any event and alarm is detected and reported in real time even on smartphones and tablets, for complete management from anywhere. The Sinthesi system enables a complete solution, which includes remote and automatic management of Check-in, Check-out and the property itself.


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