PICnet ZIGbee e LoRa product range for wireless solutions dedicated to monitoring and energy efficiency interventions on existing buildings, without the need for expensive or invasive interventions. The new PICnet ZIGbee e LoRa series integrates natively with the entire PICnet product range.

The market need

Energy efficiency is the fastest, cheapest and cleanest way to reduce energy consumption and achieve huge economic and management savings. This also makes it possible to achieve the objectives of limiting the gas emissions responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming set by the Kyoto protocol.

Energy efficiency and comfort level increase is a growing need and a strategic priority for all operators on the market, owners and managers of properties. This requirement sometimes clashes with the high costs necessary to intervene on existing systems with traditional wired technologies which also entail longer construction times.

Energy Savings

The UNI EN 15232 standard, which introduced a classification of the control functions of the technical systems of buildings, is the starting point for their implementation and for estimating their impact on energy performance.

In fact, it is possible to predict the energy savings obtainable based on the type of application and the current systems installed in the building to be managed. This allows to have very precise estimates on the obtainable benefits and the return times of the necessary investments.
Find out the achievable savings

PICnet ZIGbee solution

Sinthesi, always committed to monitoring and managing energy, has developed a series of specific wireless products and solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the systems with a drastic reduction in total installation costs and commissioning times.

This series of wireless products integrates perfectly with the PICnet product range with the same power and modularity and fully meets all the needs of a rapidly evolving market.


Meets the specific requirements of any type of building.

Easy retrofit

Easy installation that does not require new wiring.


Open standards to protect investments also in the future.


PICnet technology offers the solution for both retrofit and new construction projects.


Low installation costs and quick return on investment.

Not invasive

Wireless technology ensures minimal outage and quick installation.

where we intervene


The thermoregulation control guarantees enormous energy savings and a rapid return on investment. The PICnet ZIGbee e LoRa product range includes devices for temperature monitoring and centralized control of valves or fan-coils with one or three speeds.


Using the dedicated range of wireless products, it is possible to control individual lighting fixtures or entire lighting groups. The type of control, on / off or dimmer, depends on the type of fixtures used, but in both cases in the ZIGBnet range it is possible to find the appropriate product.


The network of wireless devices integrates perfectly, expanding it, to a wired building automation system and this allows you to create sophisticated building management logics for further energy savings by obtaining classification A of the UNI EN15232 standard.

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