Hotel automation

Sinthesi PICnet is the most complete, powerful and flexible system for the management of any type of hospitality facility.

PICnet provides solutions dedicated to large luxury hotels and resorts, but also to the complete management of distributed B&B and apartments, even remotely.

Sinthesi has also developed solutions dedicated to the automation of structures such as ports and campsites.

Hotel & resort

The PICnet system allows the integrated management of hotels of any type, from large luxury hotels and resorts to small remote hotels.

PICnet represents the most complete and flexible solution for the control of the entire structure.

Complete room automation

Complete management from reception desk

Integrated automation of common areas

Hotel & resort

B&B and Distributed Hotels

The PICnet system allows the remote management of bed and breakfasts, apartments and rooms distributed over areas of any size, providing customers with an extremely fluid and simple experience and bringing significant benefits to property managers and owners.

The Sinthesi system enables a complete smart accommodation solution, which includes remote and automatic management of check-in, check-out and the property itself.


Ports and Campsites

The Sinthesi PICnet system allows the complete management of other accommodation facilities such as ports, campsites and camper areas, from access management, to the complete control and accounting of the utilities of each customer and also remote management.

Centralized supervision and control also remotely

Management of distribution columns

Automation and services control

Control of technological centers

Reporting and notification of alarms

Lighting control

Access control