The Sinthesi PICnet system allows the complete management of other accommodation facilities such as ports, campsites and camper areas, from access management, to the complete control and accounting of each customer's utilities, to the management of electricity and water distribution columns, and to the centralized control of the entire system, also remotely.
application examples
Sinthesi PICnet allows the complete management of ports, campsites and camper areas. It is possible to manage systems of columns for the supply of electricity and water.

The management can be carried out by the manager through the management software from the point of presence or through self-service by users thanks to badge cards with a down payment credit, with final or timed payment. The system can be connected via Internet wired connection or via 4G connection to implement the supervision and control of the entire system remotely.
The operator can supervise the system, force the enabling of users and gate openings, see the consumption and residual credit of each user in real time, change the electricity and water tariffs and have general statistics. The system can manage multiple systems distributed throughout the territory with simultaneous multi-user access.

Thanks to PICnet it is also possible to manage all the common areas of the systems such as access control to the port or camping site, lighting control, reporting of technological alarms and bathroom alarms. With PICnet the entire system can be automated and managed remotely.

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