The new software Hotel Manager Web

Sinthesi PICnet completes its product range dedicated to the hotel sector with the new PICnet HOTEL MANAGER WEB software, designed and developed by Sinthesi.

PICnet Hotel Manager Web is an entirely web based hotel automation management software, which can also be consulted remotely and from multiple locations and users, for multi-client and multi-desk use, even simultaneously. To create a new client, it is necessary to create a user profile protected by an access password.

The software allows the entire structure to be controlled through a single interface, from the single rooms and all the common parts, through fully integrated management. It is possible to manage the creation, modification and management of badge card codes for access to the rooms and common areas of the hotel, to create passpartout and blacklist cards for lost or blocked cards.

All the access control of the structure can be managed by viewing the list of all badge readers of all rooms and common areas.

The software performs a data logging of all transits or access attempts, for a high level of security at all times.

The management of check-in and check-out operations is extremely simple and intuitive, for greater ease of use. For each room it is possible to define the temperature set point for 'free room', 'occupied room' and 'vacant room'; default temperature set points can also be defined according to the season.

Complete control of all common areas, with the management of temperature control, lighting and access, is integrated within the software via dedicated pages. PICnet Smart Hotel represents the most complete and integrated solution for the management and control of Hotel Automation.

It is possible to try a DEMO version of the new software below