The new Light Controller PN Lighton

The PN LIGHTON control unit represents the new reference point in the light management of small retail and service sector plants.

PN LIGHTON is a multifunctional light controller that contains all these components in a single product:

DALI controller to control a standard DALI line (up to 64 lamps divided into 16 groups)

  • n.8 16A relay outputs for direct control of the appliances
  • n.16 digital inputs for lighting control
  • Master module complete with network port, astronomical clock, data-logger, 128 time programmers, 128 parameters, etc.
  • user interface for direct setting of parameters and time programmers without the use of any software
  • 230V power supply

The PN LIGHTON control unit can operate as a stand alone light controller, or as a master module it can manage 4 or 12 other slave modules (e.g. control pushbuttons or light and presence sensors), thus expanding the possible functions implemented. PN LIGHTON is supplied with a default programming, but the operating logics can be changed at will through a freely definable programming by the user.

In just 9 DIN modules, and at a stunning price, all the resources necessary for professional level light management are present. Power supply, digital inputs, DALI and power output and a powerful latest generation controller give shape to a product that is unrivaled on the current market, for completeness of functions, calculation power and costs.